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WELCOME HEART: Living a Legacy Life with Sue Donaldson from WelcomeHeart.com. Hear how to invest in what matters beyond ourselves. We have one life - let’s make the most of it by inviting others into God’s welcoming heart.

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Monday Dec 04, 2023

Welcome Carol Feil of Yellow Boot Fame to Legacy Living today! We talk about what matters most during the busy holiday season and we laugh a lot, too! People are lonelier than ever and how can we include rather than exclude to help others connect to a family, even if for one evening? Sometimes choosing "simple" over "elaborate" is the best gift we can give our own families as well as ourselves so we can focus on what really matters and choose to make this time a sacred space. 
Some Carol gems:
Simplifying allows us to focus on what's most important durlng the holidays.
Love can mean learning to give someone what they are willing to receive.
I've discovered that doing things that help our family connect is more valuable than buying more gifts and putting on elaborate events.
Our "shoulds" are not always grounded in reality.
My family was happier with less; I had to learn to expect less of myself.
I taught my children that we aren't purposely exclusive when we are purposely inclusive, but we have to look out for that one who is feeling excluded by our inclusivity. 
We "should" ourselves into doing more when it only adds more stress and no one else is expecting it--only us.
A gift from Carol, first a word:
I love everything about Christmas - well, almost everything.  Tinsel and holly, yes. Stress and overwhelm, no.  Coco and caroling, yes.  Overloaded calendar, no. 
You get the idea.  It's easy to overcommit, overdo, then overwhelm ourselves as Christmas approaches.  How often does the schedule dictate what you focus on?
I have learned that by choosing what goes on the calendar in advance, I can simplify, stay sane so I can focus on the Sacred of the Season. 
I want this for you, too. I've created a FREE resource to remind you: You have permission to choose sane and simple so Sacred can be the focus.
Carol wears yellow-boots in the garden - they are her “listen & learn”boots. She takes pictures of everything! Slugs & bugs & selfies! But,her grandkids are her favorite to frame.She will tell you growth in life is good and gardens are proof. Shebelieves God grows us where we are and helps us to be rooted andgrounded in His unchanging character. He knows our pain and loves usmore than we can imagine.Let Carol encourage you today, so you too, can plant a seed of hopefor another tomorrow.You can find Carol through her website www.carolfeil.com, on Instagramand Facebook.

Monday Nov 27, 2023

Kristen Welch went to Kenya on Compassion trip with an agenda. God wrecked her instead, all for His glory and purpose. Kristen thought she had God and faith figured out but instead she realized she had not been really living the Christian life as God requires all of us to live who call ourselves followers of Jesus. As a result of that encounter with God and with the world's poverty, Kristen founded the non-profit, Mercy House Global. You can hear more of story in her book, Rhinestone Jesus, and today's conversation will encourage you and maybe even wreck you, all for heaven's sake. 
Kristen will be hosting a giveaway of her great book, Made to Move Mountains: How God uses Our Dreams and Disasters to Accomplish the Impossible.
You may already know Kristen from her great mom-blog, WeAreTHATFamily.com.
Some gems:
You never know when you say that "yes" of obedience where God will change you and use you.
My normal was impacted by the world's normal: 75% of the world live on $5.00 a day. 
Generosity is a spiritual discipline.
When we see someone start something big we use it as an excuse to not do anything.
Abiding in Christ is the main thing that keeps me from discouragement because the work is exhausting but it is His work.
Everyone is commanded to remember the marginalized.
Doing nothing is a response too.
I found myself in the classroom of Surrender, 101, and I stopped expecting it to be easy. 
Kristen is passionate about empowerment, taking action, responding to God’s command to care for vulnerable people and making a difference with how we spend money. Find all you need to know on MercyHouseGlobal.org.
And prayerfully consider buying your Chirstmas gifts from Mercy House Global. Those subscriptions boxes sound amazing!

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Author, speaker, life coach, Caris Snider talks today about how she struggled with anxiety and depression and how that's not a bad thing, it's just a thing that can be progressed through with the help of community, the truths of God's Word and presence, and possibly a  coach and/or therapist. Overwhelmed with all the things a mom faces, she began a little podcast that's become a big one called "Car Line Mom" - what we think about while we're in all the lines waiting with our kids or for our kids. Her latest book, by the same title is available today: Car Line Mom: 100 Days of Encouragement for the Mama Who Gets Everyone Everywhere.
Some gems from today's podcast:
When negative thoughts come in, don't let them stay!
No matter how we struggle as moms, we are never alone. 
No one in the Bible did their journey alone; ask God for a friend to journey with you as a mom.
I learned through my own feelings of inadequacy and living an over-committed life that it's okay to say "no" and create healthy margins
A coach helps us Zoom Out on your life map to see how we can get where we want to go.
Jesus was a our model even in negative feelings so we don't need to be afraid to have them.
We don't need to be afraid to talk about faith and mental health.
As mom's we feel like we can't fail which adds chaos and "overwhelm" to our lives. 
We need to live from the overflow of God's presence. He promises peace; we need to live in and from that peace.
CARIS SNIDER loves to share the hope of God through speaking, writing, coaching, and leading worship. She is the author of “Anxiety Elephants: 31 Day Devotional” and “Anxiety Elephants: 90 Day Devotional for Tween Boys and Girls.” From her own personal experience, she helps women in their journey of overcoming depression, anxiety, fear, and shame. Caris lives with her husband, Brandon, and two daughters in Cullman, Alabama.
A word from Caris:
I am so glad that you have found your way here. You see, I know what it is like to be shackled in guilt and shame, feeling hopeLESS and purposeLESS. BUT, I also know the freedom of those shackles being broken and beginning to live a life FULLfilled. I have my good days and I have my bad days. I have had some pretty dark days as well. I don't know what type of day you are having, but just know that many of us have been where you are, and there is hope to make it out.
Find free resources HERE.
Follow her instagram to learn more: @carissnider
And her website is carissnider.com

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Jilliann Woods grew up in an abusive environement which didn't stop with her childhood. Because she didn't understand the oppression under which she was raised, she found herself in repeated abusive relationships. She finally realized that God created all of us to be heard and seen and empowered by His Spirit, she now lives free and boldly counsels and teaches multitudes of women so that they too can find our God-given freedom in Christ. Thank the Lord, for Jilliann's courage and love for others. Check out her two free resources on her website: jillian-woods.com. And pass them along to anyone you know who might need help in this painful and crippling life situation. 
Free guide: How to Climb Out of Oppression
Free printable: Bold and Free Manifesto
Some gems from our conversation:
I thought it was my duty to be nice at the expense of being honest.
All the things I wanted to keep secret, I now share to help others.
One oppressive relationship when younger can lead to a series of abusive relationships as an adult.
When you suspect someone may be in an abusive relationship, develop trust by just being there for them and then begin asking gentle questions.
God gives us all kinds of permission to be bold. 
I learned I do have a voice given to me by God, empowered by Him to be used by His Spirit.
How does a woman transition from being "beside the point" to becoming the very point of her own life?
Jilliann Woods is a writer, abuse survivor, and founder of Be Bold. Live Free—providingencouragement, coaching, and resources for women affected by abuse in close relationships. Currently,she is writing a book for Christian women who seek a path to freedom from abuse and relationshipaddiction. She is a certified Domestic Violence Peer Counselor. Jilliann is Mom to three amazing adults,and Grammie to seven cherished grands. She happily resides on the Central Coast of California.
3 Steps to Take if You are in an Abusive Relationship:
[Safety first for yourself and your children. If physical violence is an issue, find safe shelter. If you don't have a place to go call: 800.799.7233]
1. Confide in a trusted friend. Even if you feel ashamed or embarrassed, a trusted friend will understand and realize the abusive behavior of your spouse is not your fault.
2. Find a mentor or counselor who is trauma informed. Someone who will know what you are going through. Ask your friend to help with this step. If you are a Christian, find a trauma informed faith-based coach or counselor. 
3. Be honest with yourself, don't excuse the abuse, and don't accept the blame for his behavior. Pray and ask God for guidance and courage.  
NOTE: In abusive marriages, Marriage Counseling is not advisable. You need individual counseling. The abuser must be willing to get help and do the work to change his behaviors first.
Click here for  FREE 5-Step Toxic Relationship Reset Guide (scroll to bottom of Jilliann's home page)
Find and follow Jilliann in all the places--

Monday Oct 16, 2023

Things are out of our control. Circumstances do cause us grief and pain, tragedy does strike the good people as well as the bad. What can we do with our sorrow? We hope as Paul wrote in I Thess. 4:13 – “Do not grieve like the men who have no hope.”
We can think that as a good Christian, we should not be grieving—as if being sad is un-Christ-like.
Life IS hard, we’d be foolish not to embrace that fact, and the best way to get through grief is to grieve. But we grieve differently because we belong to God.
How does a follower of Jesus grieve differently? With hope in God who knows what’s ahead and loves us to the uttermost.
We are to come to Him with our grief, we are to hold on tight, as we grieve, and we are to look for God’s beauty and purpose amidst the ashes of pain.
I want to add something here that maybe you can relate to:
I hate to see my kids suffer – I like to run around and manipulate all their circumstances and their friends and their teachers – just so that my kids don’t suffer pain – but God has something better in mind. He wants them to know Him through their pain.
And that is far more beautiful and helpful than anything I can maneuver.
They need to learn to know God personally;
They need to learn for themselves that God’s joy underlies their grief and the best way for them to learn it, is for their mother to get out of the way of the Holy Spirit.
 (Of course, the Holy Spirit still needs my help with my husband . . . just kidding.)
Joy comes from trusting and hoping in God
Joy comes from communing and depending on God
Joy comes from obedience and the main thing to obey is: "Love others as I have loved you." John 15
Sign up here to receive my 31 Days of Prayers: Love God, Love My Neighbor - It's Not Complicated (I make it complicated) One short prayer in your inbox for 31 days (free.)
Also in journal form - see SHOP. A gift for your soul just in time for the holidays. Quantities are limited. 

Monday Oct 02, 2023

Mimika Cooney, author, speaker and "personal trainer for the mind" is with us today to talk about mindset and legacy and living for things that matter. Wife and mother of three, Mimika had a lot going on until she realized she needed to get off the treadmill of doing too much with too little of relying on God. She needed a mindset change: "Lord, show me what you want me to do and then help me do it." And he did and does. 
"Our mind drives our actions so I need to keep God in the driver seat by renewing my mind daily—Romans 12:2."--Mimika (pronouced like paprika!)
Author of 10 books including her latest: Unstick Your Mind: Shift Your Mindset, Develop Grit, and Break Barriers, Mimika shares wisdom and inspiration based on her favorite Scripture, Romans 12:2 - "...be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."
Find her free resource: 8 Steps to Supercharge Your Mind HERE.
Some gems from our conversation:
Training includes action—God expects us to act so we can be and do what he's created us to be and do.
We all have "junk in the trunk" that slows us down and needs clearing out.
We may be living in denial-city if we think we can do God's will without God renewing our minds daily.
Our mind drives our actions so I need to keep God in the driver seat by renewing my mind daily—Romans 12:2.
We don't know what we don't know so we rely on God to show us what needs changing and then take action steps to make those changes.
There are limits to self-help because it's self, not God.
You have to want to make a change. I help people move from where they are to where they want to be.
Ask yourself: "What are you thinking and why do you believe that?"
You're never too old to teach an old dog new tricks. 
Your story is a testimony to God's grace so if you keep it to yourself, you are doing the world a disservice and robbing God of the glory due him.
Find Mimika here:
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mimikacooney YouTube https://youtube.com/c/mimikacooney Facebook https://www.facebook.com/themimikacooney Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mimikacooney Twitter https://twitter.com/mimikacooney
Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Mimika- Cooney/e/B0052GNJGY
Don't forget to check out her latest book, Unstick Your Mind as well as her free resource: 8 Steps to Supercharge Your Mind HERE.

Monday Sep 25, 2023

When we wake up each morning, do we actually think that what we do can change someone's world in some way? Most of us are grateful to change the sheets on a regular basis, clean the coffee pot with vinegar a few times a year, and water the plants when they show signs of an early death.
Yet, as followers of Jesus, we are not only called to an eternal purpose, to love God and our neighbor, we also get the privilege of partnering with the Son of God to change lives—one life, perhaps—all for His glory and our good and theirs.
Does that sound too hard? Too overwhelming? Too exhausting? It can to me, until I remember how Jesus spoke to many individuals, not only crowds of 5,000 and more. And He met needs one-on-one, as well as breaking bread and fish for hungry men and women and their kids on a mountain more than once.
Think about it:
I've learned that inviting one person for a cup of coffee can change their world.
God loves people, and He wants to use our tables and teapots to show people that He does.
Your cup of coffee or tea, soup or water—can be an introduction to God that someone has been looking for their whole lives.
As my new sweatshirt reads, "My real home is heaven. I'm just here recruiting." (I don't usually wear that on a first time meet-up.)
Awhile ago I shared three stories of how God changed lives through a simple invitation. Here are three more stories of how God changed lives through a simple invitation.
An invitation to the one who needs a family
An invitation to the one who needs to live awake
An invitation to the one who needs a little help
Maybe you've been the recipient of an invitation that changed your life. I'd love to hear about it. 
I'd also like to hear if you invite someone over and would like me to pray alongside. Email me: sue@welcomeheart.com. We're partners, after all. 
To hear my first three invitations that changed the world, LISTEN to Part, I - HERE.

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Today's conversation with Keri Eichberger is something we all need to hear: how to live with less worry and more peace. Author of the brand new book: Win Over Worry: Conquer What Shakes You and Soar with the One Who Overcomes, Keri, mother of five (now there are five worries!) speaks of her own process in overcoming worry with the truth of God's Word. 
Yes, there's a giveaway! Leave a comment below or on social media to be entered to win her book!
Some gems from Keri:
We must be aware of the temptation to rely on ourselves and our own abilities, for true peace and freedom can only be found when we fully trust and surrender to God.
Worry is rooted in fear: fear of helplessness and fear of worthlessness.
The more people I love, the more reason I'll have to worry—until and unless I give them all to God's care.
Simple steps to worry less takes a commitment and a decision to follow those steps. 
I worry less when I remember that God sees so much that we don't see.
Identify your root of worry and cover it with God's truth: He is all loving and all powerful. 
On this episode of WELCOME HEART: Living a Legacy Life, our host Sue Donaldson is joined by guest Keri Eichberger as they dive deep into the topic of worry and its impact on our lives. The conversation begins with a focus on faith and the desire to make a difference in the lives of loved ones through their love for Jesus. The importance of living boldly and vulnerably in our faith is emphasized, as it brings glory to God and raises "kingdom builders" who can make a positive impact in the world.
The discussion then shifts to the root causes of worry and how unresolved worry can turn into fear. The speaker shares personal experiences, like worrying about their child driving, and explains how these fears can stem from deeper rooted fears of helplessness and worthlessness. They highlight the importance of identifying and addressing these root causes in order to overcome worry, reminding listeners that these fears are lies and that we are never helpless or worthless, drawing strength from the truths of God.
In addition to exploring personal experiences with worry, the episode also discusses how faith impacts daily life and how it is important to show reliance on God rather than trying to handle everything on our own. The speaker shares personal struggles and how they rely on God's grace to navigate their responsibilities. They also touch on the prevalence of worry among people of all ages and provide practical strategies for dealing with worry, such as writing down reminders of God's love and control.
The episode continues with an examination of the origins of worry and the tendency for people, including the speaker herself, to learn unhealthy coping strategies and avoid addressing the true source of their suffering. The importance of unlearning and relearning trust in God rather than relying on oneself or the world is discussed.
The conversation then moves to the challenges of parenting and the need for vulnerability in building intimacy and allowing others to witness the grace of God. The speaker encourages authenticity and transparency, acknowledging that it is God being tested, not the individual. They also tackle the issue of self-reliance and the tendency to worship one's own abilities. The speaker references Psalm 73 and ponders whether worry is more prevalent now compared to 100 years ago.
The episode concludes with reflections on leaving a legacy and the importance of embracing and relating to others. The speaker addresses encounters with non-believers and the need to overcome fear and self-righteousness in order to meet others where they are. Their personal journey of growth, including overcoming worry and finding more peace through a closer relationship with God, is shared. The speaker also discusses their decision to write a book on anxiety to help others and their research process. They suggest resources for fostering faith in young children, such as reading biographies of Christians, and highlight the importance of honoring trust in difficult circumstances rather than offering empty platitudes.
Throughout the episode, Sue Donaldson and Keri Eichberger provide insights and personal anecdotes that listeners can relate to. They explore the complexities of worry, the role of faith in navigating life's challenges, and the importance of leaving a legacy rooted in love and empathy. Listeners are left with a deeper understanding of worry and practical strategies to address it, as well as inspiration to live a legacy life with less worry and more peace.
Keri Eichberger
Hang with me on Instagram!

Monday Sep 11, 2023

You will love this conversation with Roger and Kathi Lipp about their brand new book, The Accidental Homesteader AND they are giving one away! Be sure to comment on social media, on blog or email me so you can be entered to win because you will want a copy for yourself as well as gifts for friends and family:
The Accidental Homesteader: What I’ve Learned About Chickens, Compost, and Creating Home
Roger and Kathi Lipp had an idea - a big idea - to move from the Silicon Valley to the north woods of California in mid-life and then they "accidentally" became homesteaders and they (mostly!) love it! Hear how they processed their move, and about some of the very real challenges they faced, and how their strong marriage made this a successful venture. Their enthusiasm for learning new things is an inspiration for all of us to learn new things at any age. Their legacy and desire is to continue to care for others as they grow in their love for each other and their neighbors as well as a deepening faith in their God. 
So many tips as well as over 20 recipes and inspiration for all of us to grow and change no matter what our age. Highly practical, humorous, and inspirational, The Accidental Homesteader will encourage you to live with more peace, joy, and contentment.  
Some gems from our conversation:
When you're following God, it's never boring.
Our brains have expanded, and so has our faith.
God is our first thought instead of our last resort when a crisis comes up. 
Living as a homesteader makes me more grateful and we are living the life we want.
If you're homesteading, you're not taking the easy route—it's rewarding but not convenient.
When creating your home, loved and lovely is the goal—not perfection. 
If you need or want to learn something, there are a million people who want to teach you. 
Learning on the job is rewarding in a way we never experienced before and it brings joy.
About Kathi:
Kathi Lipp is the Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of 20 books, including An Abundant Place: Daily Retreats for the Woman Who Can’t Get Away, Overwhelmed, and Clutter Free.  Along with being a part of the InCourage at Dayspring writing team, she is the host of Clutter Free Academy the Podcast! with Kathi Lipp, Facebook group Clutter Free Academy, and Clutter Free for Life.
Kathi lives on her Red House mini-homestead with her husband Roger, a dog, and eight chickens and holds cozy writer retreats for content creators.
Find and follow her at kathilipp.com, @kathilipp and clutter-free academy and @writingattheredhouse

Monday Sep 04, 2023

Whitney Akin felt overlooked,and that her life didn't matter and she didn't have any purpose in the grand scheme of things. Insecure and shy, she hid in the back of any group gathering so that she wouldn't make a mistake and bring even more perceived criticism onto her heart and life. Finally God reminded her who she was and more importantly who He was: beloved by God, created for his purpose and mission. Her mission now is to let everyone know that they count, that our worth isn't based on our big splash in society or our numbers on social media. Listen today to hear what it means to live seen by God and how you can make that a lifestyle vs only a moment. 
Her book, OVERLOOKED: Finding Your Worth When You Feel All Alone is a gem and you may need to get one for yourself and one for a friend who is feeling the same way. Good news: A Giveaway for your first copy! Leave a comment below to be entered to win.
Some gems from today's conversation:
God gives us all the approval that we need, we just need to remember that.
God's name, El Roi, means he is the God who sees so he can't help but see us—we are never overlooked.
We like to measure our worth based on how many more eyes are on us, but its the Father's eyes that matter.
There's a difference between knowing that God loves me and experiencing it for myself in my grief and doubt.
Feeling like  was unseen translated into severe, self-consuming insecurity so that wanted to hide in any social situation.
If I hid inside myself there was less of a chance of being hurt.
I want my children to live seen, but also take it a step further to help others feel seen by God.
Being seen is a moment, living seen is a lifestyle. 
Whitney Akin is a wife and mother of three young ones, author and speaker. You can find her here.

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